HMV Bournemouth National Album Day Guest performer in association with BBC Sounds

Rujiero is pleased to announce he is performing an acoustic set at HMV Bournemouth for National Album Day in association with BBC Sounds. National Album day sets to celebrate recorded music in the form of appreciation of the ‘hard copy’. Remember those days of the excitement of actually buying and owning your own vinyl album or signed CD. Of meticulously examining the artwork on the cover, of pulling out the words of the songs on the inner sleeve. Well those days are still around, in fact they are alive and well, which is why HMV is involved with National Album Day and the BBC is a strong part of supporting the live and recorded music movement. If your in the Bournemouth area on Saturday 12th October 2019 at 11.00am , Rujiero will be performing a live acoustic set on his guitar singing songs from his Album RUN TO THE SUN at the HMV Music Store on Commercial Road right in the centre of town. Social Media on: @hmvBournemouth and

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First Festival for 2019

Rujiero will be performing at a limited number of music festivals in 2019 whilst he takes time to work on Album NO 2. He is pleased to announce that he has secured his first music festival in June 2019, location for this time will be announced shortly. He will be performing mainly with a full band set up this year. Look out for all his events and social media as he plans to really “get familiar” with his youtube channel to get in touch with the people and share his new music, experiences and personality. We wish you a brilliant, healthy, active nutritious and go get it 2019. Rujiero and team!!


After Performing on Fistral Beach at a the Legendary BOARDMASTERS  SURF AND MUSIC FESTIVAL 2016, Rujiero is returning to Cornwall to Perform at this years up coming 2018 BOARDMASTERS Festival, Newquay, with a Debut album and a new single due to be released soon.   He said he is 'Totally Ecstatic - to have been given a slot on the opening night at the NET LOFT STAGE where he will be performing an solo acoustic version of his set. He also returns on the second day for a set for a performance on the FISTRAL BEACH Day Sessions Stage.   Listen out for his Song 'Slow Dance' which brings an alternative feel to his musical style but captures a beautiful hypnotic Kzomba/Angola beats rhythm with his trade mark home and roots LONDON accent.  You can get a sneak Preview of Rujiero Perfoming live, returning to 'Radio St Austel Bay', Cornwall in the day as a warm up to and to talk about performing at the Festival.  Don't miss out on the BOARDMASTERS, tickets and information available at

First International Booking

Rujiero is ecstatic to announce his first international booking.  Being of Italian family Rujero was very surprised by extremely pleased to be offered a slot to appear in Italy this summer. 

You can find Rujiero performing across various 'Roots Sessions' prior to summer 2018 along with one or two festival sessions.  He has a number of Radio Sessions booked from Outer London County Regions through to Bristol and Cornwall.   Top of the bill is featuring on the prestigious Acoustic Cafe Sessions with Brian Player ( .  The session will appear on Mix Cloud at the end of May this year.

Rujiero is aiming to get back in the studio to record some tracks for the summer and is in the process of developing tracks for album two. 

Rujiero's Debut album RUN TO THE SUN which crosses musical genres from Soul to Folk and Roots yet founded in Reggae is available on iTunes, Amazon and Apple Music along with listening on Spotify.  Copies of the Album can also be purchased through the website   Check out Rujiero's dates for regular performances and appearance or follow his progress across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


New Original Music in 2018

Since the Release of his Debut album, Rujiero has been receiving some awesome feedback.  Quotes like: My wife put the album on non stop and on repeat since we were driving from WestCoast Wales to Oxford.  Your Track, Morning Rain, I'm glad I lived long enough to hear it (Sonic Pete).  If I Wanna wake up and feel alive, I put on your album, if i wanna feel chilled, I put on your Album (Dave), and from my friends at Roots Longboards, "We needed this, the UK needs this, and DJ Dapper Dan, Your Album, is 'Just Lovely'.  And coming back to earth, his toughest critique on the music, his Grandmother, tapped her foot through the album.  So, the crew were like, how are you gona top your first album, and my answer was like, I don't know, it took a lot of work, but we are getting some interesting sounds with the demo tracks, so as they develop, we will put a few out there.   Look out for Rujiero's new music, he has already put a live demo version called "a place by the ocean" on youtube for you to check out.  More details to come. Rj and Crew. 

Winter training.

With Surf Season well underway in the UK, artist Rujiero is keeping fit and training for the winter Swells.  His debut Album Run To The Sun is available across all tune core Platforms including iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and more.  The record is an infusion of reggae/rolling basslines and folk and soul melodies.  Its cool-chilled vibes all the way to the core. As an independent artist the record will be finding its way into independent stores and Rujiero will be performing live across some of these venues.  Following on from that he is currently in the process of writing the second album.  Look out for Rujiero performing in late 2017 and opening 2018 with solo acoustic sessions with full set up options for larger venues. 


Catch Rujiero, Exclusively live and Intimate at THE URBAN REEF, BAR AND GRILL, Boscombe Sea Front. 

 Rujiero invites you all to celebrate the launch of his Debut Album RUN TO THE SUN.  The event will feature local artists Ben Pocza, Anthony Lewis, Issy Whitlock and Matt Black

Rujiero will be signing copies of the CD on the night.  Don't miss your opportunity to get your signed CD.   We look forward to seeing you there.  RJ

Summer Live Bournemouth

You can catch Rujiero playing some solo events around Bournemouth this summer right in the middle of the square for the "Summer Live Events" which showcase local artists performing for the public at the open air facility in Bournemouth Square.  Enjoy the local bar and eateries and sit and chill to some summer vibe sounds.   Rujiero will be performing songs from his upcoming album "RUN TO THE SUN" for your enjoyment.

1st Podcast on the Manrouf and Jerry Show, Bristol.

Following on from featuring on Bristols World Music Show the Matisse session on Passionrb Radio (Formerly Passion FM) DJ Manrouf and Dj Jerry invited me to the Studio in Bristol for an exclusive Podcast interview and live performance.  Some fun and games to be had in the studio, with a few surprises, we all had a laugh but the serious stuff including discussing my roots and singing Lazy Days live in the Studio, one of the tracks from the upcoming record due for release Summer. We had a blast and I really enjoyed meeting the crew and looking forward to go back to Bristol to perform later in the year.  You can hear the full podcast on

First City Radio Station Interview

Thanks to Bristol Cities Passion FM Radio Station ( for having me as their First Guest Musician performing live in the studio on the world music show 'The Metisse Sessions' where I got to showcase songs and announce the title of my first Album, due out Late Summer 2017.  The Album is called Run to the Sun, named after one of the tracks from the record.  As well as the live studio session, we also recorded another artist 1st for the Podcast Session for the Manrouf and Jerry Show where listeners can check out my interview.  A live performance with percussion accompanyment will be available on Facebook page.   I would just like to give a big thanks for the crew at Passion FM Radio for inviting me to the station to play and perform to Bristol and their listeners around the world.   Looking forward to going back to Bristol later this year following the album release. 


Debut Album Release Date

We have been working hard in the studio getting the tracks ready for release.   The date is scheduled for Summer 2017.  It will be a full album taking in some early tracks and more recent writings.   Recorded at Hangover-hill Music Studio in the heart of Bournemouth, Rujiero chose to do the recordings locally with his friend and Music producer Matt Black.   Rujiero said "I could have gone to London for this Album, but we have everything we need here in Dorset, and Matt is such a good musician himself that he has understood how to bring out my best in the studio". 

The album has stayed true to 'artistic integrity' keeping to Rujiero's individual song writing style. With a eclectic mix of musical influences, the songs range from Traditional beach-folk storey telling (surfer music), love songs, stories of culture, countryside and travel.  He has added some flavour of his favourite musical genre of "classic roots rock reggae" keeping as close to the Jamaican tradition of reggae music, all whilst maintaining his London feel, that are 'his own roots'.   "We decided to leave a few demo tracks on the website rather than releasing and EP first,  so people can get a little flavour of whats to come".

Look out for the official Album release date, that will be announced closer the time.  Following on from the album going to print, Rujiero will be conducting a Solo tour of venues around the UK. 

The Winchester Bournemouth: Surfers of Bournemouth Pier Christmas Party'

Im very chuffed to say that Ive been asked to open 'The Surfers Of Bournemouth Pier-Christmas Party, at Bournemouths Premier Live music Venue,  "The Winchester" It will be about the 4th Time I've played here, and just love the sound system.  Many up and coming musicians got the chance to play the Winchester, so its always a good vibe in the venue.  All are welcome to enjoy the Aloha Vibes on Sunday 18th December 2016.  Doors open 7.00pm.  Blessings. Rujiero

SouthWest Open Mic Tour

Every Week from Mid October through to the end of November I will be playing songs appearing on my upcoming album on a little open mic tour of the South West of the UK. Starting in home town of Bournemouth, Dorset then onto, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Oxford/Berkshire and even do a bit of re-discovering my roots in London.  Watch out Cornwall, I hope to be back there soon.    Its been a good year in music, from appearing on Local Radio, supporting legendary Mishka at a few gigs in home town,  performing at the Boardmasters Surf Festival, getting my lazy song regularly played out at a local surf cafe and now working through the tracks in the studio getting them ready of the release on the Album.   Look out for the events on the news feed, or just follow me on twitter, Facebook and Instagram all @rujieromusic.  Blessed Vibes  Rj. 


We just want to provide a little message of thanks and gratefulness for playing at the Winchester Bournemouth, one of our finest live music venues.  Maximum respect to Mark Berry.  What a venue, great sounds and atmosphere.  Love the Winch can't wait to play there again.  We had an awesome gig this July playing support again for the 'One True' MISHKA.  His music is just fantastic.  An internationally acclaimed artist that must be seen and heard.  Great to catch up again.  Can't wait to get back to the Winch in between all the other work we have going on.  Blessing and Vibes.  Rujiero. 


So, we are ecstatic to let you know that we are playing at this years 2016 Boardmasters Festival on Fistral Beach; beachbar on SUNDAY 14 August at 2.00pm.   Its our first gig in Cornwall, and we absolutely love the place.  I'm most looking forward to getting some waves in between playing but its going to be really great.  The Line-up on the beach bar has got some really good up and coming artist, also hope to catch some of them play. 

We will be bringing our laid back selves to the show to bring you beach time vibes.  Look forward to seeing you there.  Aloha, good vibrations.  Rujiero. 

First Radio Play

So, on 17th Feb 2016 we got our first radio play on local station Hope Fm with DJ Tim Heywood.

A two hour set with some live songs, and public radio release of my song LAZYDAYS and demo track and soon for release track NO RUN AWAY.  What can we say but we thoroughly enjoyed it.  I had to stick on my fav yellow T-Shirt to bring some warm summer time vibes to what could be called traditional Dorset winter weather (Cold and wet).

Well, we had a blast, the boys Vlad (my bass man) and Josh (Mr Purcussion) just as always did outstanding.  We are well looking forward to supporting the Main Man MISHKA for the "SECOND" TIME at the Winchester Bournemouth Sunday 6th March.   We still trying to get our heads round the feedback we get every time we play.  Its great, we love it, and we love seeing people smiling when we play.   Big thanks To Matt in the MIX.  See you in the studio. 

Nice one Lads.   Catch you all soon. 


Youtube, Christmas and recordings

So, we played a few gigs over Christmas, including a gig at the Little Pickle Boscombe and a special slot on the XMAS Stage, Bournemouth Square.  Very well received from the happy shoppers.  There is a few videos now on the rujieromusic youtube channel which is slowly coming together.   You can follow my events on twitter or on the diary on the website.  I look forward to bringing my music to the community.  Here is a little live sample.

Stay Cool.  R.

Open Mics

So recently I went down to Southampton on 13 Dec to play some of my tunes for the very first time with my main man Vlad at the Orange rooms.  It was cool to Jam with the guys running it.  Cheers Fella's. People we bopping to the smooth roots/reggae vibes we had playing that night.  I think the new songs went down really well.   I also played at the 'talent showcase sessions' at the Ocean View for Suzi and Matt on the 12th Dec.  They took some video of me playing the newest song I wrote which I called 'proclamation' even though Ive never mentioned the word in the song.  Matt played some really awesome Piano in the Back ground.  The video is on my Facebook page and it will be linked to the rujieromusic youtube channel which is really new.  

We have a pre-Christmas event this friday 18th December at possibly my favourite locally eatery called the 'Little Pickle'  Chef and owner Andrew is always so good to me that I promised him I would play, so we will keep the sounds down low and the vibe mellow for our only Christmas event.

So then its back into the studio to lay down the basics of the tracks so we can get them properly recorded and layer them up.  I'll keep writing new work as it rolls along and look forward to sharing with you all.  

Stay cool and spread some peace.  


Summer to Autumn music

So, the Autumn didn't get off to a bad start.  After taking a vacation to Bali, I had the unexpected opportunity to do an impromptue performance at the Mainski residence on Nusa Lombongon for KAVAN, an up and coming musician who is performing around the Islands.  He has a great acoustic style and was a pleasure to watch him play.  There is a picture or two on my website of the sunset session after Id been surfing.  Since being back in the UK, I have been in the home studio doing a demo CD with my Band and expect to do some acoustic versions of my songs with Matt Black, who produces my music.  We got to support one of my music hero's MISHKA, as the Winchester  Bournemouth with my band,.  A special thanks to Vlad for keeping it strong and to Josh for stepping in to play percussion with us.  That guy has some talent!.  And a special thanks to Phil for putting on the gig and getting a good bunch of the local surf community to come down and support.  Our band would like to give a thanks to MISHKA for making the trip to Bournemouth from London on his European Tour to play for us all.  It was a truly awesome evening of Acoustic roots music.  One of the best performers I have seen. 

New Music

Just a little hello to the world about my music and I hope you enjoy my first short news post.

Enjoy the photo's and take a little tour.  We will add information as things happen.

The thing I'm loving is having a soundcloud and a youtube account. Each month or so, I will aim add  a new demo tracks prior to them being released for purchase.  I like this because, rather than give you the perfect finnished articles, I like you to follow my progress. Life is about progress, so for example, when I go to my producer and say hey, Ive got this idea, its impossible for him to 'hear what I hear and visualise a song as  I do to see it as the finnished article.  Of course, once we have been in the studio, my best work comes out.  For anyone starting out, its nice to see a song progress, how a little tweek here and there, a bit of reverb, and some more beats, turn a good song, into a solid clean finnished article.  I also will place on here a few practice video's, all done with my iphone.  As an artist, I think being a musician, is to see working progress.   Respects and blessings. And I hope to play my music for you some time soon.  Rujiero

Full Interview and Live Performance with DJ Dapper Dan on the Skankin Delights Reggae Show 2017, Available from MIXCLOUD.  Speaking and live interview starts approx 37mins in.  Enjoy the show.