Open Mics

So recently I went down to Southampton on 13 Dec to play some of my tunes for the very first time with my main man Vlad at the Orange rooms.  It was cool to Jam with the guys running it.  Cheers Fella's. People we bopping to the smooth roots/reggae vibes we had playing that night.  I think the new songs went down really well.   I also played at the 'talent showcase sessions' at the Ocean View for Suzi and Matt on the 12th Dec.  They took some video of me playing the newest song I wrote which I called 'proclamation' even though Ive never mentioned the word in the song.  Matt played some really awesome Piano in the Back ground.  The video is on my Facebook page and it will be linked to the rujieromusic youtube channel which is really new.  

We have a pre-Christmas event this friday 18th December at possibly my favourite locally eatery called the 'Little Pickle'  Chef and owner Andrew is always so good to me that I promised him I would play, so we will keep the sounds down low and the vibe mellow for our only Christmas event.

So then its back into the studio to lay down the basics of the tracks so we can get them properly recorded and layer them up.  I'll keep writing new work as it rolls along and look forward to sharing with you all.  

Stay cool and spread some peace.  


Full Interview and Live Performance with DJ Dapper Dan on the Skankin Delights Reggae Show 2017, Available from MIXCLOUD.  Speaking and live interview starts approx 37mins in.  Enjoy the show.