New Music

Just a little hello to the world about my music and I hope you enjoy my first short news post.

Enjoy the photo's and take a little tour.  We will add information as things happen.

The thing I'm loving is having a soundcloud and a youtube account. Each month or so, I will aim add  a new demo tracks prior to them being released for purchase.  I like this because, rather than give you the perfect finnished articles, I like you to follow my progress. Life is about progress, so for example, when I go to my producer and say hey, Ive got this idea, its impossible for him to 'hear what I hear and visualise a song as  I do to see it as the finnished article.  Of course, once we have been in the studio, my best work comes out.  For anyone starting out, its nice to see a song progress, how a little tweek here and there, a bit of reverb, and some more beats, turn a good song, into a solid clean finnished article.  I also will place on here a few practice video's, all done with my iphone.  As an artist, I think being a musician, is to see working progress.   Respects and blessings. And I hope to play my music for you some time soon.  Rujiero

Full Interview and Live Performance with DJ Dapper Dan on the Skankin Delights Reggae Show 2017, Available from MIXCLOUD.  Speaking and live interview starts approx 37mins in.  Enjoy the show.