We just want to provide a little message of thanks and gratefulness for playing at the Winchester Bournemouth, one of our finest live music venues.  Maximum respect to Mark Berry.  What a venue, great sounds and atmosphere.  Love the Winch can't wait to play there again.  We had an awesome gig this July playing support again for the 'One True' MISHKA.  His music is just fantastic.  An internationally acclaimed artist that must be seen and heard.  Great to catch up again.  Can't wait to get back to the Winch in between all the other work we have going on.  Blessing and Vibes.  Rujiero. 

Full Interview and Live Performance with DJ Dapper Dan on the Skankin Delights Reggae Show 2017, Available from MIXCLOUD.  Speaking and live interview starts approx 37mins in.  Enjoy the show.