Winter training.

With Surf Season well underway in the UK, artist Rujiero is keeping fit and training for the winter Swells.  His debut Album Run To The Sun is available across all tune core Platforms including iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and more.  The record is an infusion of reggae/rolling basslines and folk and soul melodies.  Its cool-chilled vibes all the way to the core. As an independent artist the record will be finding its way into independent stores and Rujiero will be performing live across some of these venues.  Following on from that he is currently in the process of writing the second album.  Look out for Rujiero performing in late 2017 and opening 2018 with solo acoustic sessions with full set up options for larger venues. 

Full Interview and Live Performance with DJ Dapper Dan on the Skankin Delights Reggae Show 2017, Available from MIXCLOUD.  Speaking and live interview starts approx 37mins in.  Enjoy the show.