New Original Music in 2018

Since the Release of his Debut album, Rujiero has been receiving some awesome feedback.  Quotes like: My wife put the album on non stop and on repeat since we were driving from WestCoast Wales to Oxford.  Your Track, Morning Rain, I'm glad I lived long enough to hear it (Sonic Pete).  If I Wanna wake up and feel alive, I put on your album, if i wanna feel chilled, I put on your Album (Dave), and from my friends at Roots Longboards, "We needed this, the UK needs this, and DJ Dapper Dan, Your Album, is 'Just Lovely'.  And coming back to earth, his toughest critique on the music, his Grandmother, tapped her foot through the album.  So, the crew were like, how are you gona top your first album, and my answer was like, I don't know, it took a lot of work, but we are getting some interesting sounds with the demo tracks, so as they develop, we will put a few out there.   Look out for Rujiero's new music, he has already put a live demo version called "a place by the ocean" on youtube for you to check out.  More details to come. Rj and Crew. 

Full Interview and Live Performance with DJ Dapper Dan on the Skankin Delights Reggae Show 2017, Available from MIXCLOUD.  Speaking and live interview starts approx 37mins in.  Enjoy the show.